We believe that the best is always possible
when made with passion.

we love them all

we are proud

we’re here for you

Mónica Chaves
Brandkey founding partner and CEO since 1989!

Manages the group companies, their customer portfolio and leads a team comprising more than 40 persons.

“We are proud of our Customers, of the Brands with which we work, of our campaigns and, above all of People with purpose, who grip projects with passion!”

Mónica Chaves

Rita Almada
Events Director
Rita holds a graduation in Marketing and Advertising and is well informed on all events.

She joined Brandkey in 1997 to dedicate herself body and soul to her customers’ events.
She is the Departmental Manager, heading several projects in Rock in Rio, Summer Festivals, organizing Sales Conventions, Conferences, Management & Staff Meetings, and many, many other events.

Mafalda Almeida
General Manager
A graduate of the Montessori School and with a Post-Graduation in Marketing, Mafalda is the tribal leader.

She was Brandkey’s third acquisition and has been with the company since the beginning.
She has worked in all the departments.
She has managed dozens of people.
She has worked with hundreds of brands.

She has been responsible for thousands of campaigns.

Leonor Archer
Kids Mkt Director
Leonor, a graduate in Management from the New University of Lisbon, is an enthusiast for Kids and Teens Marketing.
She has been responsible since 2005 for the management of strategies and campaigns in Communications and Brand Activation directed towards children.
She organizes Kids and Teens Marketing Seminars and manages the Children’s Forum project.

She lays down the law!

Filipa Leal
Account Director
Has been a member of the tribe since 2000.

A graduate in International Relations and a post graduate course in Marketing, this Loyal warrior manages several lovebrands of national and multinational companies.

Known as a manager with a wide vision, she is frequently called upon as jury member and speaker.

Catarina Castanheira
Creative Director
Since 1999 her mission has been to create, lead and conquer!…

She creates campaigns we view daily in the outdoors…
She leads a team of 15 creative experts…
She has conquered several prizes in the POPAI Europe Awards…
As an expert in point-of-sale communication she was a member of the jury in the 1st and 2nd Editions of POPAI Awards Portugal.
She rarely fails when she aims her pencil!